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FOREVAHHHHHHHHHH! Sound good? I’m Laurie and here’s the plan.


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Hello, Ladies Of Tech! Do you find swimming solo in male-infested waters limiting? Do industry stats saying women are leaving the tech field fast and furious make you doubt your career path? Are you stressed about the future?

Fact: Together, anything is possible.

My name is Laurie Swanson, and I’ve been championing people for 20+ years. I started as a coder. While it wasn’t my jam, I’ve spent a lifetime recruiting and career coaching people GREAT at coding, software engineering, product development and many other roles in technology.  

I noticed something along the way. Many women in tech didn’t have a voice. They didn’t always have advancement opportunities. They didn’t have a champion.

So I said:  We need a community!

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What is the InspiHER Tech Community?

I created YOUR Community to change the game.

The InspiHER Tech Community (“IT” for short! Pretty prophetic, if you ask me) is where Women in Tech meet to create the Careers + Lives They Love.


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Got questions? Find answers, stories and, sometimes, just the right dose of “I feel ya” to reset your day.



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Over 300 tech career blogs for new grads to veteran technologists.

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2020 Vision in Your Career

Get 2020 Vision from the “IT” Community

  • The best way to follow-up with a recruiter
  • Ways to be more findable by hiring managers
  • How to write a great LinkedIn headline
  • Connecting with your wisdom-self 
  • What to post on LinkedIn
  • How to combat imposter syndrome
  • Your personal brand mission statement 
  • What every thank you note should have
  • Top resume tricks and tips
  • Ideas to combat career hustle culture 
  • How to make more time for the things you <3
  • Destress tips for technologists
  • How others have landed their dream job
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Reframing career “failures”
  • Being the Boss of your career
  • Connecting with what matters most
  • Tech Interviews and how to nail them
  • Being internally-propelled vs. externally motivated
  • Creating career and life alignment

Navigate, live your purpose and totally 

rock your Career in Tech

Full access to members-only events, content, community and discounts for about 63 cents a day.




$190/year (2 months for FREE) 

  • Members – only Zoom Q & A days once a month
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  • Unlimited access to 300+ blogs
  • Power networking with a global community of Women in Tech
  • 24/7 opportunity to ask questions and get answers on the “IT” Facebook group
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